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Own Property In The French Riviera, Cheap And Fast.


Haussmann international, specialists in luxury French Riviera Real Estate, Côte d’Azur, with its real estate agency in Beaulieu offers a large selection of luxury apartments and luxury villas for rent and for sale on the French Riviera. Are you looking to buy a waterfront property in the South of France? We will help you find the house of your dreams from right here in the UK.

 Our Guide For Sellers


When it comes to selling property quickly, especially abroad you really need to consider your target market especially if you are in a financial predicament whereby you need a fast sale. Home owners across the world will agree that a property sale is one of the most stressful parts of life, and if you are facing repossession, stuck in a chain or just want to move on for whatever reason, it can put a lot of pressure on your life.


We can provide assistance with the sale of property in France, including all parts of the region. We also have access to property buyers in the UK, so if you are looking to move to France, and have a property in the UK which you need to sell - we can also assist you in this matter.


Why not submit an enquiry form to us now and see if we can help you today! Our staff are waiting for your call.


Our friends in the UK have just sold their property quickly with a company called Ready Steady Sell. They can assist with a sale that is quick, for cash and most importantly they will consider any property in the UK. The couple in question that sold their property wanted to move to France, had family out here and needed to sell quickly for fast cash. They dealt with a guy called David, who helped them sell in under 10 days, they didn't pay any fees and they got the cash in their bank account without any issues. Highly recommended!